The Good Karma Sale - Friday 27th to Sunday 29th November


Good Karma Sale

Spend over $150 - take 15% off
Spend over $250 - take 20% off
Spend over $500 - take 30% off

Happy Holidays everyone!

We have decided to participate in an event created by Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown named aptly Good Karma Sale from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th November. There seems to be a shift amongst some in our world wanting to slow down, breath and think about our actions and the consequences of them.  The concept is to pay it forward. Participating retailers will donate a portion of their proceeds from the holiday weekend sales to a charitable organization of their choice. This resonated with us and we are participating filled with hope for a change. 

Neighbor is supporting Prospera: Inequality and a lack of economic mobility define today’s economy, putting the American Dream out of reach for the vast majority of low-wage workers. This is particularly true for the many immigrants employed in the U.S. service sector, who, despite their determination and tenacity, often struggle to make ends meet. Some of the hardest hit are the women and mothers striving to not only earn a livelihood, but also to support their families and ensure a quality education and bright future for their children. Prospera partners with low-income Latina women so they can achieve economic prosperity through cooperative business ownership.

Good Stock is supporting The Sold Project: Many organizations focus on rescue. and rehabilitation, at The SOLD Project, the focus is on prevention to help ensure that children are never exploited to begin with. Over time, SOLD has identified key factors that place a child at risk—like poverty, lack of education, and the absence of positive role models—and has developed a holistic prevention model to address those risk factors, the Freedom Project. The Freedom Project is focused in northern Thailand where they offer educational scholarships to children who couldn't otherwise afford to stay in school. And every weekday, their local Thai staff provides after-school programs, classes, mentorship, and other tools the kids need to succeed in life and avoid the path to exploitation.

By partnering with and investing in local communities, we're helping these kids break the cycle of poverty and achieve things they'd never previously dared to dream. It's incredible to see the hope within them begin to emerge.

We hope everyone has amazing holiday season filled with the spirit of giving.

Hope to see you soon

Love Good Stock & Neighbor